How Blue Apron and Other New York Companies Give Back to the NYC Community

Corporate responsibility is all the rage in today’s consumer market. Don’t you feel great when you know that your purchase is doing something bigger? Consumers like yourself want to know that their dollar is making a difference, and with these New York companies, it is!

 Blue Apron

You may have heard of this popular, NYC-based meal starter service. Like other meal kit services, Blue Apron sends customers ingredients and recipes for making great homecooked meals in their own kitchen. Blue Apron focuses on reducing food waste by sending precisely measured ingredients for each. Similarly, they grow only what is needed to fill their orders and practice restorative agriculture, putting more back into the ground than what they take. These sustainable practices may be why they have been able to donate over 90,000-holiday meals to families in need.

Heart of Tea

Heart of Tea brews fresh-picked tea leaves to create refreshing iced teas in flavors like lemon, peach, and pomegranate orange. Business owners in Messi Gerami’s family have a history of corporate giving, giving back 30% of the profits they make. Heart of Tea works closely with the Bowery Mission which runs programs for those in recovery and at-risk youth. Gerami takes philanthropy one step further by hiring graduates of the Bowery Mission’s recovery programs.


Lemonade, a certified B-Corp, was designed to make insurance more affordable. By charging a flat rate for renter’s and homeowner’s insurance, they make insurance more accessible for those who might struggle to afford it otherwise. If you’re looking for more affordable insurance yourself, you can rest easy knowing that the money you spend with Lemonade is treated like your money. Any money leftover money from claims may be donated to a cause of your choosing.


Sweetriot founder Sarah Endline likes to share the true story of cacao and its importance in culture. Sweetriot gives back to the world by sourcing their cacao responsibly. They also give back to their community in a unique way, using art from emerging artists on their packaging. Sweetriot supports fair trade and local artists, making their extra candy sweet.


RecycleBank lets you turn your good deeds into rewards. If your waste management provider partners with Recyclebank, you can earn points for recycling, and all members can earn points for learning about sustainable practices and waste reduction. Those reward points can be redeemed at local retailers, donated, or help you save on sustainable goods.

Remember that you as a consumer hold incredible power. You determine where your hard-earned dollars will be spent, and therefore, you can facilitate real change in your community and in the world. These are just a few of the socially responsible businesses in New York. Explore ways to make every dollar count.