7 NYC Nonprofits You Should Know About

Nonprofit organizations have an important role in society. They focus resources and provide services to the community without emphasizing making a profit. Nonprofit organizations help support the development of the economy, spirituality, veterans, and many other issues. Nonprofit organizations are a significant part of the community, and it takes volunteers, just like you to keep them running. With that being said, here is a look at the best nonprofits in New York.

1. Philanthropy New York

Philanthropy New York helps connect different people, institutions, ideas, and resources. Philanthropy New York hopes to spark advocacy and change by enhancing the causes of various philanthropic groups in New York. Five major values make up the foundation that philanthropy New York builds around: integrity, inclusion, impact, collaboration/partnership, and transparency. If you’re looking to break into the world of philanthropy or want to expand your philanthropic leadership skills, this is the nonprofit for you.

2. AHRC New York

AHRC is a family governed organization that strives to help people with intellectual or other developmental disabilities. AHRC New York offers people some different services, programs, and support that can fill any individual needs. Every member of the organization embraces passion, integrity, respect, diversity, and excellence. This entity has been one of the leading nonprofit organizations in the state for over 50 years. With the help of AHRC, people with disabilities can enjoy life and fulfill their potential.

3. Breakthrough New York

Breakthrough New York, Inc hopes to transform the lives of motivated students who may be in difficult financial situations. Breakthrough prepares these students for college and to succeed in the real world. Breakthrough New York’s goal is to achieve a 90% graduation rate from a four-year university. The most important goal for Breakthrough New York is to help students break the cycle of poverty in their families by helping them earn money to take care of themselves and their families.

4. Hispanic Federation Inc

The Hispanic Federation is one of the country’s leading Latino non-profit organizations. The Hispanic Federation strives to support Hispanic families and institutions in multiple areas, including health, education, immigration, and the environment. The Hispanic Federation helps advance the interests by supporting programs created to help Latino children and their families.

5. Children’s Aid Society

For over 100 years, the Children’s Aid Society has been helping children overcome poverty to succeed and thrive. Children’s Aid serves New York’s children who are in need, beginning even before birth. Parents can receive prenatal counseling and assistance. The children receive assistance through their high school and college years. Free school lunch and day care programs were staples of Children’s Aid initiatives.

6. New York Restoration Project

The New York Restoration Project is committed to transforming open land in underutilized communities to help create a more sustainable New York City. Founded by Bette Midler, The NYRP has renovated gardens, planted trees, and redesigned parks. The NYRP helps the infrastructure and creates a healthy environment for those who stay in the green neighborhood.

7. Free Arts NYC

Free Arts NYC helps youth through art and mentoring programs to help them gain confidence, creativity, and the skills to achieve success. Free Arts used multiple evaluation systems to contribute to long term gains such as better academic performance.